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December Contest

Check Lyn Cote's page to enter her contest for a free autographed copy of her latest release.


 Scroll down for some free online books.  Some you read online, some you can download.  Follow the links offered with each.  These are just a listing -- they're not endorsed by or have anything to do with RTR.  If you need a free copy of Adobe Reader click on the link below to download.  Watch for on previous entries for new additions to a listing.

Just in time for Christmas Linda Lael Miller has A CREED COUNTRY CHRISTMAS. 

New Reviews added to the site recently -- click on the title to read the review!

Forkner, Tina Ann Ruby Among Us May 08 Waterbrook
MacLaren, Sharlene Courting Emma April 08 Whitaker
Bradley, Celeste Desperately Seeking a Duke Mar. 08 St. Martins
Feehan, Christine Murder Game Dec 08 Jove
Donovan, Susan Girl Most Likely To.. Dec 08 St Martins
Clark, Mary Higgins Where Are You Now? Apr 08 Simon & Schuster
McCarthy, Erin Sucker Bet Jan 08 Berkley
Kurland, Lynn The Mage's Daughter Jan 08 Berkley
Dickson, Athol Winter Haven Apr 08 Bethany
Hickman, Patricia Painted Dresses July 08 Waterbrook
Klassen, Julie Lady of Milkweed Manor Jan 08 Bethany House
Spear, Terry Heart of the Wolf April 08 Sourcebooks
Roberts, Nora Tribute July 08 Putnam
Kurland, Lynn Princess of the Sword Jan 09 Berkley Sensation
Singh, Nalini Angel's Blood Mar 09 Berkley Sensation

The RTR Featured Author for December

 Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote has the man of her dreams and a family that loves her.  With so much support it's not surprising her novels draw you in and leave you wanting more.  Learn more  CLICK HERE










 The following books are free to read online or for download.  Follow the links offered with each.  These are just a listing -- they're not endorsed by or have anything to do with RTR.  If you need a free copy of Adobe Reader click on the link below to download.  Make sure you scroll down to see new additions to previous listings!

Alinar Publishing -- a number of free books and they add more all the time. 

Jack Zavada -- Jack is offering his contemporary Christmas novel MARY'S CHRISTMAS GIFT free to readers. Jack's had 4 western novels published and this is his first written for women.  It's a 74 page pdf download from his site.

Sara Reinke --   HEART'S RANSOM, a free downloadable e-book story. In this swashbuckling, seafaring, romantic adventure, when Kitty Ransom, daughter one of the most celebrated captains in the English Royal Navy, is abducted by pirates, she finds herself an unwitting pawn in a seafaring game of cat-and-mouse. To
make matters worse, the longer she is held, the more Kitty finds herself drawn to her captor -- and the less against her will her circumstances seem.

Sloan St. James -- Three free downloadable books: THE DARK PLAIN, an RWA award winning novel, THE DARK SHIELD a follow up to the previous book, and a romantic comedy BUILDING BLOCKS.

Kallysten --  Kallysten has several free stories on her site and updates them monthly, so check often. You'll find short stories or ficlets that take place in the same universes as her published novels. They are 'deleted scenes' that can be read on their own or as a part of the larger storyline. These scenes contain adult material and are for a mature audience only.

Deborah Boyer --  Free erotic story on her website for readers over 18 years old.

Flesa Black -- Free erotic reads for readers over 18 years old. 

Kate Rothwell:  Short stories she's written, including JOHN and SANCTUARY.  JOHN is a first-person story about a home adaptation counselor and a client, and SANCTUARY was written more recently for a web-based romance magazine and is a paranormal.

Felicity Heaton:   a free downloadable story, WHEN IT RAINS.  This contemporary romance is rated sweet. "Emily Anderson is a fresh-faced girl just graduated from college. Moving to New York City with her best friend, Mina, she dreams of life in the fast lane and a great career in media, but quickly finds herself faced with the slightly more grim reality of a highly competitive marketing world.

Beauty of Love:  Love quotes and poems, stories, tests, love and romance tips and more, but lots of short and true stories for you to read.

Jayelle Drewry:   WRITTEN IN THE STARS, an erotic story, is free on Jayelle's site. “Written in the Stars follows the romance of Sophia Love and Ethan James. They were dating and until Sophia uttered the three words of doom, "I love you." At that point Ethan runs for the life of his bachelorhood. It takes less than a week for the guy to realize he's made a terrible mistake. Now he has to convince Sophia to talk to him and give him another chance. I got the idea for this story while scanning the horoscope section of the paper. Some of them sound like the plot of a romance novel. So I decided to write a story based on the main character’s horoscope. The story begins with a weekly horoscope that outlines Sophia’s romance potential and each day begins with a daily horoscope predicting what will happen that day in her love life. I had a lot of fun writing the story. I hope you enjoy reading it."

Ebook Nook:  Free full length books written by high quality writers.  They have many different genres of romance including horror, mystery and inspirational.  Also includes childrens', wedding planners', dieting books and much more!

Romantic Marriage Stories If you want to read happy, romantic stories about married life, you have come to the right place. These short stories differ from many love stories and much of the romantic fiction today because they present a high view of marriage and portray the fun a romantic couple can have in a happy and sexy marriage.

Jenna Black: serialized version of one of her paranormal romance novels, EMBRACED IN DARKNESS.  New installment each month with quiz for prizes.

Free online Romance/Mystery stories:  mystery meets romance

Deanna Miller: Free ebook "Sky Bounce" - An uplifting fantasy/romance for ages 10 and up.

ByGosh.com: Short stories for adults, free online you can also access their children's free classics at this site

Bibliomania: Free short stories by Mark Twain, Stephen Crane, Anton Chekhov, Hector H. Munro and more 

Magic Keys.com: Free storybooks to read for young and older children and young adults. 

Free speculative fiction online: Links to science fiction and fantasy stories online.

Sylvia Violet: Romance author offering erotica short stories and flash fiction on her website ages 18 & over

Read Print.com: free online library with books for teachers, students and classic enthusiasts.

Mia Zachary: Night Magic.  Online chapters available through the eHarlequin site.  Kalid Amunemhat was once an Egyptian prince who rejected the wrong woman. As punishment, she condemns him to a life as a djinni, or genie, bound to satisfy women’s secret desires for all eternity. Only the magic of true love can break the spell. After centuries of mistresses who are so eager to experience his legendary skills they hardly stop to ask his name, Kalid no longer believes in love.

Fantasy Readers.com: Complete free stories plus sample chapters of ones you can purchase.

Mystery Net.com: Original online mysteries and community mystery games. 

Teresa Bodwell:  Read PRESENCE OF MIND by Teresa Bodwell on her site here.

Lucy Monroe:  Lucy has submitted a short story she wrote back in 2003.  MARRIED TO A GREEK TYCOON features Anna and Loukas, who are dealing with infertility.  Click here to read their story.  Thanks Lucy!

FAB Books.com: extensive listing of sites with free downloads.  Includes genres besides fiction, plus some non-books links so you'll have to look carefully, but you might find some interesting things.

Dorothy McFalls:  This Signet Regency author offers free stories on her website from many genres, including Romantic suspense, criminal suspense, paranormal and comedy.

Luisa Green: From the author -- Ensouled! relates a life experience to a high truth: we have to grow in equal love. Lisa’s greatest longing is to love and be loved.  She is a desperate seeker.  Lisa loves easily and loses herself completely in a relationship.  The experience frustrates her very much and she feels confused and overwhelmed.  Lisa is a love addict.  Her experience teaches her that she has to grow in self love and learn to value who she is. 

Carole Bellacera:  Author Carole Bellacera offers a new short story each month, plus links to her past shorts.

Trinity Moon: Thousands of pages of free love/romance stories.  Many genres! Even includes short stories for those short on time!

Inner Journey Books:     Inner Journey Books is your one stop shop for all your Metaphysical Books. We offer FREE E-BOOKS and sell A Huge Selection of New Age Books, Videos, Meditation Music, Books on Yoga, Tarot Cards, etc.
Inner Journey has provided these Free E-Books for your convenience to browse or download. The download time will vary depending on your connection and may take a few minutes.

Jodi Lynn Copeland ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Alexander Murphy bit out a dry laugh as he hustled up the shoveled walk to his townhouse and closed the door on his young and extremely off-key neighbor. If the kid really thought bad singing would make his Christmas wish come true, then he could go ahead and sing a wish for him. A faerie godmother with a tongue so magical it would make him forget all about his work problems sounded about right. Read on at.... http://www.jodilynncopeland.com/ChristmasStory.html

Jeff Rivera:   FOREVER MY LADY -- you can read the first half of this book online at Jeff's website

Addicted to Romance -- A monthly free story on the site

Romance Ever After :  Free romance stories in various genres

Rob's Novels and Novellas: Free online novels, books, e-books and fiction.  Enjoy thrillers, romances, suspense and mystery -- free from Rob Hopcott and friends

Journey of the HeartOriginal stories by Judith Bronte

AGhostWriter.com Not free, but for $30 a year the site claims you can access completed full length romance, adventure and mystery novels, plus short stories and various other entertaining works.  

Fictionwise -- Ebook seller, offering free ebooks for download from fiction to thesauruses. 

Buzzle:  Oodles of love and romance here. You can even contribution your own short fiction.

eHarlequin.com -- Lots of interesting things to read here, with weekly reads, daily reads, poems, chapters etc. 

Marilynn Byerly:: Marilynn has several stories on her site now, including SCAVENGERS, THE WEREWOLF WHISPERS, THE MAIDEN AND THE MONSTER and 2 just listed [Marc 06] ALONE and A PERFECT ALIBI

ELAINE HOPPERElaine has almost a dozen stories online for you to enjoy, all linked from the page featuring 'The Cowboy'.  Click on the links to access all the stories.



RTR reviewer Janean Nusz has several short stories and excerpts for you to enjoy on her site at http://www.authorsart.com/readingcorner.html.  Science Fiction, Young Adult, Christmas, non-fiction, historical western -- a bit of everything.

A little about Janean: I am a freelance writer, graphic designer, instructor, book reviewer and computer troubleshooting specialist.

I write fiction under three different pennames, in the genres of speculative fiction, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, YA and children's illustrated. My personal favorite? YA, though I do take great delight in combining the genres to produce fantastical romances. Myths and legends have always held a certain fascination for me, which is why you'll find my stories populated by gryphons and gargoyles, vampires and werewolves, and even the occasional troll.
I also write non-fiction articles, reviews and essays, having over 50 pieces - both online and in print - currently published. I think I can attribute my love of writing to the hours that I spent reading as a child.

When I'm not writing, illustrating or working with a computer, I also dabble in photography, outdoor recreation and yoga. Additionally, I also teach adult education classes on the subjects of computers and digital technology, read piles of books, and enjoy spending time with my family.

JANELLE DENISON:    All Night Long -- A free romance story from Janelle and eHarlequin

Free Online NovelsFree full length online novels includes adventure, bizarre, Christian, fantasy, historical, horror, mystery, and lots more.


Get Adobe Reader here free...

This page was updated 01 December, 2009